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Linde Crowe with Ginny Dufrene
Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma

Our  first F.I.S.H. Wish for 2018 was granted to a well deserving lady by the name of Linde Crowe and her sister and care giver, Ginny Dufrene.  Linde was diagnosed with Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma, a form of brain cancer, in 2018 and is currently undergoing treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas.  Her sister Ginny Crowe Dufrene has been by her side from day one!  Cancer doesn't just affect the patient it affects the entire family and we at F.I.S.H., Inc. were happy to be able to help this very deserving family out thanks to incredible donations from generous people like YOU! 

Friends In Survival and Hope, Inc. provides cancer patients and their families with financial assistance to cover living expenses and financial aid for unexpected hardships brought on by their diagnosis, treatment and recovery and we were honored to be able to help Ginny provide the care and support Linde needs during her treatment.

UPDATE: September 2018.
Linde has had a fever the past 2 days. Yesterday, while on our way to her follow up appointment at MD Anderson, she had a seizure. She was admitted last night and will be released today. We missed her neuro-oncology appointment, but rescheduled it for Friday. The doctor did tell us her MRI showed the tumor is stable, and all labs were good.  Every 4-6 weeks she seems to spike a fever for a few days. No hospital has been able to identify the cause, but thankfully each time she rebounds quickly. 

Our continued prayers go out to the Crowe and Dufrene Families.

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