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Shane McClung
Ductal Carcinoma

Our  second F.I.S.H. Wish for 2018 was for a well deserving man by the name of Shane McClung. 


UPDATE:  Shane and his wife Linda lost their home in Mexico Beach, FL to Hurricane Michael while he was undergoing treatment.  Due to the generous donations from individuals and corporations F.I.S.H., Inc. was able to grant the maximum F.I.S.H. Wish allowed!  THANK YOU!


According to Shane:  Life is like a box of chocolates, u never know what you're gonna get, can't have a testimony without a test. Take control of your health, I had a lump and it was dismissed by my first Dr. as no big deal, changed Drs. for other reasons and asked new Dr. About it, and she said probably nothing but let's have a surgeon look and see if that's what u want, so I did.. Seen Dr. SCARBOROUGH and he was the greatest, and said probably nothing but If you want we will take it out, good thing I was persistent, it saved my life. Good thing Dr. Borrelli and Scarborough didn't blow me off like the other. All my big boys out there, let your wives or lady friends check your man boobs, you never know.

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